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For your vacation, trips, family or friendly wanderings near the sea or the mountain, for the breaths between everyday life, for easy, comfortable, safe camping…
Trust «Caravania Zisis».  

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Do you not want to buy a caravan but to rent one? We provide flexible solutions for your every need for as long as you wish.


Visit us to find together the ideal solution to your needs with consistency and professionalism. Choose from our wide variety and get an offer immediately.



With our help you can choose a friendly financing program directly with us or through a bank.
Because here you will find all the brands in caravans and motorhomes, but also specialized caravans of unique construction and European specifications
Here you will find the expertise you need for even the most luxurious, autonomous vacation you will ever take.

Facilities - Services

By choosing "Caravania Zisis"... you choose camping, you choose the autonomy of your vacation, but you also choose a series of facilities and services.

Delivery to your place with privately owned trucks

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Ability of intervention in materials, decoration, interior layout of the selected motorhome or caravan

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Ability of disinfection for your own safety

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Checking of good operation and service

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In cases of damage and mechanical problems, possibility of immediate intervention on the spot, after consultation and depending on distance

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Security service under conditions

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Ability to rent for a month or more

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Caravania Zisis

Caravania Zisis

For the moments you want to live


Everything about the caravan

Replacement Parts / Service

Apart from the aesthetic and practical side of each of your choices regarding a caravan or a motorhome, we are interested in a continuous relationship and cooperation whenever needed. You can also trust us even if you did not buy your caravan from us. Spare parts and accessories are waiting for you at the best prices.

n our updated online store you will find everything you need, you will discover the culture of camping through caravans and motorhomes, you will enter the world of "Caravania Zisis" and you will come in contact with the safest, most complete, comfortable and promising idea of your next vacation.


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We grew up with the idea of ​​being on vacation as free as you are at home. We started in 1987 to offer an alternative way of recreation, accommodation, and relaxation, eventually ending up with our customers to create the ideal conditions for holidays, in a time full of stress and pressure, which requires primarily carefree and safe breaths from everyday life.

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